Freedom is fragile pendants and brooches

To celebrate International Women’s Day I offered to give away some of the ‘Freedom is Fragile’ pendants and brooches to my facebook friends.

This was to say thank you for the support and feedback about this project and the small embroideries. I had lost my way a bit with the project and the positive comments and responses to my freedom to dance post in Feb really spurred me on to go back to it. I got a bit obsessed with producing these for a few weeks and really enjoyed sharing them with friends.

I posted individual pictures of them on a Facebook thread and people could put in a request for the one they liked best. There were originally 20 up for grabs but the Freedom to wear purple was very popular so I had to make some more of those. Some women chose one for their daughters and so I made them an extra surprise one for themselves too. So in the end I sent out about 30 pendants and brooches.

Some of them wanted to donate to my favourite charity so I chose SWAN (Scottish Women’s Autism Network)


I am now ready to move on to the next phase of the project – back to some larger pieces focusing on Freedom to be Autistic. I am very excited about this next phase. And I am still loving working on this never ending project.