After recently completing a complex piece of whitework embroidery I wanted to work on a more colourful project.  I created this abstract wave pattern which I intended to do in blues and greys with white foam edges. I decided to keep working in fine detail by using single strand (from six strand) embroidery thread.

I have to admit that there were times when I was close to giving up on this project. It took so long – days, weeks of fine sewing and I kept losing confidence in the original vision… Half way through my partner Tim suggested that I add a contrasting colour to create a focal point. Against my nature I added in the flash of yellow.

I am glad I persevered with this work because I do really like the finished product. The extreme fine white satin stitch between the waves did bring it all together.

Back of the finished piece with a sewn haiku and signature

Finished piece: Epiphany

One reason I really like this piece though is that it went through a journey that mirrors that of the person it was intended for. I had decided to make it for a very close friend and the waves were linked to her being a watery Pisces person.

When I started the work that friend had just been going through a really difficult time. But like the work itself she had a flash of light moment – what she described as an Epiphany – that has the potential to be life changing.

So this piece is called Epiphany and is for my friend Nicki. I wrote a haiku to accompany the needlework which is sewn into the backing piece. That ray of light in the work and her life is important.

Close-up of waves sewn in satin stitch