Works featuring crewel embroidery - from satin stitch to bayeux stitch. I like to use traditional stitches in modern designs. Some of these include whitework embroidery with a zentangle twist, some figurative designs and more unusual representations.


I used to be a wedding photographer. It's a difficult business to be in nowadays but it was a great way to take portraits of people, which I really enjoy. There are always some great kids running around and often some fabulous hats!! I don;t do this anymore but wanted to include a few of my favourites here...

Film Noir series

The film noir series was developed for the Galloway Artisans exhibition held in the Mackintosh Queens Cross in Glasgow in June2014, part of the Glasgow West End Festival. The series was inspired by film noir which is identified with a visual style that emphasises low-key lighting and unbalanced compositions. Regular motif’s included the femme fatale, reflections, shadows, silhouettes and strong diagonals.

These photographs have been reworked to capture these and pay homage to some of my favourite movies.


Railway poster series

Original photographs taken by me around Scotland have been through a series of processes to emulate a silk screen printing process. Originating in Japan this process became a popular form of mass printing in the 1920s and 30s, particularly for advertising. Artist Norman Wilkinson created a series of travel posters for Scottish Railways in the 1930s and these have been the inspiration for this series.

Large scale versions of these posters are displayed in Girvan railway station on the Stranraer to Ayr line in Southwest Scotland. The posters also highlight the National Autistic Society (NAS). 10% of all poster sales are donated to the NAS. These are available as posters and postcards and were very popular in Life's Little Ironies Art Gallery.


Layers series

This series is made up of collages created by merging several different photos of a similar subject. The effect is subtle and works really well with plants. It also creates some ghost-like images that were very popular in our art gallery Life's Little Ironies.


Metropolis series

Metropolis is a series of images of modern architecture around the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland. The original photographs have been reworked to seem aged and to reflect the industrial past of the city. By adding layers and depth to the images I hope to evoke a sense of the future and the past at the same time. The visual inspiration, and title for the series, comes from the silent film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang in 1927. The film was set in a futuristic urban dystopia with cinematic links to German Expressionism and focused on ownership in a capitalistic society.